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The DIR® & Floortime™ Approach
For children with special needs and their families

"Play is the work of childhood"

The "Developmental, Individualized and Relationship-Based" (DIR) model (aka "FLOORTIME"), is a unique child and family centered developmental play-based approach to support the social-emotional, cognitive, communication, and sensory-motor growth of children with special needs.  As a specialist in this model, I tailor Interventions to the individual needs and profile of each child and their family. 
DIR/FLOORTIME is an evidence-based therapeutic model that uses a natural play-based relational approach to mobilize a child's global development. The approach is designed for infants and children with neurodevelopmental disorders or delays, such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, language and communication delays, sensory-motor regulatory challenges, attachment disturbance and chromosomal syndromes.
Pioneered by the late Stanley Greenspan, MD and Serena Wieder, PhD, the model focuses on mobilizing a child's development, while partnering with parents in maximizing their interactions to build a child's growth and development.
For more information on the model please check out the following websites:
  • www.profectum.org
  • www.icdl.com
  • www.autismspeaks.org/what-autism/treatment/floortime
  • www.stanleygreenspan.com

Lisa deFaria, LICSW, BCD is a Certified Senior Clinician and Trainer in DIR ® and FLOORTIME™, assessment and treatment services for children with special needs and their families.  She provides individual/family treatment services, agency and school-based consultation and training. Lisa has also provided training clinicians nationwide through the the Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders (ICDL) and the Profectum Foundation for the Advancement of Individuals with Special Needs and their Families. 


Lisa deFaria, MSW, LICSW, BCD

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